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I do not own a Kindle, but I read with the Kindle e-books on my phone, was released from the program and love. I have also been rooted in my B & N Color Nook is installed, and enjoy it more.

It is a very convenient way to read because the program offers a very stable performance, allowing extensive customization (such as changing the font size and brightness of the screen), and remembers the book that you stopped. I often use this program in the metro, it's great if you want to relax, but there is no cell phone signal to run other programs.

The real benefit of reading the Kindle is unlike some solutions that the fund is very fast. Often you can get free books for Kindle, so not only am I able to read comfortably, but cheaper too!

I am currently running on my Droid 2 running Froyo World (2.2), and had no problems. Although it is not possible in a compressed or AT & T phone Appstore Amazon is currently downloading, you can get through the Android Market on these devices.

Another Review : Awesome app, whisper sync is so cool, books are cheap, I don't have a real kindle only the android app (Kindel Tablet) and pc app. Bought a textbook for school and have read 80% of it on my phone. I have the HTC incredible and the pixel density is great, meaning it almost looks as if the text is printed and that you are not looking at an LCD screen, especially when you set the background to black.

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Android App Store will open in the Amazon are a great example on Tuesday, March 22 this year, which means that The company is currently targeting the market, Android seriously get the shop also has special agreements with its game developers hit Angry Birds also separately as well as exposure to developers who have expertise in Android as well or Amazon. Is to develop a tablet that works with Kindle Android in the near the future.

Analysts report that the tablet Kindle will rival most frightening for the iPad, while the department Lab126 of the Amazon is responsible for designing the hardware and software for the Kindle is open to employees who have experience in Android, which competitors like NOOK. Color eBook reader from B & N also uses Android, so it's not a surprise if Amazon will drive what the Kindle is the same. Or more by making it a "tablet"Android to hit the iPad to it.

Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon denied that the company is not interested to fight for the iPad, but the business aggressively in recent years seems to be the opposite. Most recently, the company acquired TouchCo This means that The company plans to produce devices that look like "tablet" that works with the page your ad will also touch on Amazon Kindle pinch iPad can not see the outdoors. Because the screen is reflective. Then to say that this does not look iPad competing there?